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Hello everyone!!

Recently I got a job offer to work as a full-time artist on something SUPER COOL, maybe the coolest thing in the universe, but it’s all the way over in California! 

Unfortunately I work a retail day job and I need help getting out there. I’ve set up a GoFundMe, where in exchange for your help I have a ton of cool prizes, such as an exclusive print pictured above, a PDF copy of The Closet Game (not available anywhere else!), commissions, PRINTED commissions (:O!), sketches, and a private Google Hangout, where I’ll draw whatever you want and answer any questions, PLUS all the other stuff listed!

You can read more at the GoFundMe page, which is located here:

Even if you can’t contribute, reblogs are appreciated! thank you so much!

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Manga Studio 5 is only 30$ on amazon right now.
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My first attempt at one of these. I know I left out a lot of people. @_@

oooh first kiss asma

my lover is ethan and joyce is my adopted sibling…………………..


Leslie is both my lover and my adopted sibling, and Robin is my first kiss. WOW DRAMA

Ethan is my best friend and has a crush on me. My first kiss is Leslie, my lover is Joyce, and my enemy and adopted sibling is the Dean.


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This is strangely haunting.

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I made a comic about Godzilla. 

Good Godzilla comic. Goodzilla.

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"I think about Eddy every time I go to a restaurant and pay the check. One day we went to eat and the bill came. I left a one-dollar tip on a ten-dollar tab and Eddy looked at me, annoyed. “You should tip 20 percent no matter what.” “Why?” I asked. “What’s two dollars to you? What’s four dollars to you? You’re making good money. But to the waitress it could be the difference between paying her electric bill or not. Don’t be selfish.” To this day, I tip 20 percent no matter what, and all of you waiters and waitresses that I meet can thank Eddy Guerrero for that."

- Chris Jericho (from Undisputed)

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Learn yourself something with cartoons.

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